When the (Event) Theme Fits, Use It!

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on July 25, 2013

Andre and I attended Turner Construction Company‘s Open House on July 24, and had a really fun time. As a marketer, though, I couldn’t help noting the great
contrast that this event provided to Haselden Construction’s anniversary party 2 weeks prior. With completely different themes, they were equally effective.

Haselden’s fancy event – beautifully catered food and a museum venue – was perfect for celebrating a major milestone anniversary. In the same way, Turner’s more casual event was the perfect way to achieve their goal of projecting a friendly image that invited people to know them better and think of them as true partners.  They really played up the neighborly feel, hosting a BBQ outside their office with iced tea, lemonade, Texas-style BBQ, and plenty of cold beer and wine. They even provided “Rockpile” baseball tickets to those could attend the game that night. We heard lots of positive comments about the event and the hosts, and plenty of agreement that both events were terrific. Just goes to show that the old saying “be yourself, only better” can also apply to events.



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