The First Mobile Device: Your Brain on Foot

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | May 26, 2015

  If I had a theme song, it would be “The Ancient Egyptians” by cross-pollinating musical group Poi Dog Pondering. Subtitled a “love letter to Jonathan Richman,” it’s an ode Read More

Tips for Executive Summaries that Flow

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | April 27, 2015

As part of my technical proposal writing and one-voice work, I frequently need to write executive summaries. They are very short – typically ranging from a single paragraph to a Read More

Great Company Name or .com: Which comes first?

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | April 13, 2015

Shakespeare famously inquired, “What’s in a name?” When naming a company, product, the answer is “A lot of thought, discussion, and research”! While it’s always been a balancing act of Read More