Tips to use LinkedIn to Land Projects

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on February 24, 2013

Ask anyone who knows me: I’m hardly a Facebook fan and Pinterest really doesn’t interest me. But I’ve really taken to LinkedIn. I’ve been able to meet with people – and land projects – that I would not have had access to otherwise. My approach is two-part and pretty simple: make it personal, but not too personal. And use the site regularly, but not obsessively. Here are 3 techniques that have worked for me. I should also add: be selective. As with most marketing efforts, spend more time on a more targeted audience and you’ll have better results.

1 – Add a personal note to your link request. Seems obvious, but adding a personal note that states where you met, or who you know in common, increases response rate significantly. People like to have context and commonalities. People are almost always ok with linking unless they believe that you’ll start spamming them unwanted advertising or propaganda.

2 – Ask for business meetings outright – but keep it casual and take no for an answer. Once someone has accepted your link request, send a follow-up note thanking them and asking specifically for a meeting. Reassure them you’re not looking to pitch them, but to learn more about what they do and share notes on how you might work together or help each other out at some point. Acknowledge that they’re busy, and that they may simply not be interested.

3 – Set aside regular time each week. I spend 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week on LinkedIn, requesting links from folks I’ve met or been referred to, checking and responding to messages, and scanning for /contacting new people just outside your current circle. TIP: Friday afternoons are a great time to send link requests; people are ready to be distracted and social.

Next time you’re on LinkedIn, feel free to send me a request. You never know where you’ll find the next important business relationship, so I’m always “linking”. . .



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