April 13th, 2015

Great Company Name or .com: Which comes first?

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | April 13, 2015

Shakespeare famously inquired, “What’s in a name?” When naming a company, product, the answer is “A lot of thought, discussion, and research”! While it’s always been a balancing act of Read More

Finding My Sole Mate: A Tale of Two Brands

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | March 30, 2015

  Recently, I was in the market for some new “Casual Friday” shoes. (Some would claim that my “shoe market” is always open.) I’m going to start by saying I Read More

Colorful Debate Over Colorado’s New Brand

By Kimberly MacArthur Graham | October 14, 2013

Right now, all across Colorado, marketing experts (and those who wish to be) are taking a cue from D.C. They are unflinchingly partisan, staunchly defending or unabashedly decrying . . Read More