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Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on March 14, 2013

twitterI grew up in a Roman Catholic household, so I was intrigued when Pope Benedict XVI elected to retire. But as much as I’m fascinated by the mysterious conclave, with its sequestering and smoke signals, I was blown away by the Church’s use of social media.

Benedict XVI (or a minion) started Tweeting as @Pontifex, which I admit freaked me out, but I could ignore it as a PR stunt. But in the last month, many influential voices in the Church were sharing their thoughts and updates via social media. Traditional news sources were quoting social media. Holy Twitter! Don’t get me wrong: the Vatican is wise to use social media to engage, educate, and enlighten a global audience, especially the youth that it needs to survive. But when it’s used by one of the oldest, largest, and most conservative organizations in the world, it’s a revelation for all of us: Social media is here to stay. If Facebook were a fashion, its adoption by such a group might be the kiss of death, but it’s not a trend. It’s a vital, viable means of communication that has revolutionized the way in which we share, learn about, discuss – and yes, shape – news.

Best of luck to the new Pope, Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He’s chosen the name Francis I, in honor of a well-loved saint and reformer, and he’s known as a down-to-earth straight shooter. Presumably, he doesn’t sleep much either because, in addition to leading 1.2 billion Catholics in tough times . . . he’s going to have to keep up with Twitter! Heck, I can’t even do that. When he started his Papacy by asking us all to pray for him, I think I know why.



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