Outside the Layer Cake Creative Office: Three Questions with Kimberly MacArthur Graham

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on June 5, 2015

Summer is here and is a perfect time to continue our blog series were we ask Layer Cakers what keeps them busy outside our bustling office. This month our principal, Kimberly MacArthur Graham, will give us a quick look into some of her goals, interests and passions that keep her motivated in this crazy thing we call life!

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled? Any travel plans coming up?

The most amazing place that I have been is Cairo, Egypt, with Barcelona, Spain, as a close second. Both of these trips were many years back – when I had time to travel, prior to starting Layer Cake Creative. In Cairo and in Barcelona, my husband and I conversed with local people (as best we could: he speaks Arabic and I speak Spanish and French, which helped decipher Catalan), ate local food, and generally immersed ourselves in the local culture. Our two-fold goal is always to (1) explore our common humanity and (2) appreciate the cultural differences. It’s a terrific recipe for a memorable trip. I’m very hopeful that, with the extremely competent team I now have at Layer Cake, I will be able to take a “real” (overseas) vacation within the next 2 years. I’d love to climb Kilimanjaro.


What is your favorite type of food? Where do you typically go to find this food?

I’m a near-vegan, so my food fixations revolve around menus that star vegetables and grains: Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai are a few favorite ethnic cuisines. There are also some amazing and creative chefs that simply put, create magic on a plate. In addition to the wonderful local restaurants, I also enjoy the process of cooking, of transforming fresh, healthy ingredients into beautiful, delicious dishes that please the eye as much as the palate. People sometimes ask me if I “miss” eating certain foods. Not at all. I eat as I choose, and feel that I eat like a queen every day.



What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking or snowshoeing is an indulgence that I am excited to return to this summer after 2 years of enforced absence due to injury. My husband and I have a cabin in Fairplay, and (when we’re able-bodied!) we try to get up there as many weekends as possible. Hiking or in the winter, snowshoeing gives us the incredible opportunity to spend time together in breath-takingly beautiful surroundings – working our bodies and minds, often in the comfortable, companionable silence that only 25+ years together allows.


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