Nadaleena: A Fine Approach to Painting – and the Art of Marketing

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on July 17, 2013

Nadaleena at a private lunch and studio tour with a collector; Rachelle, the publisher of Luxe; and her studio assistant Ruth

Last week, thanks to Luxe Magazine, I had the pleasure of a studio visit and interview with artist Nadaleena Mirat Brettman, who is a gracious host as well as a very honest interviewee. We spoke of many things while relaxing in her studio, surrounded by luscious oil paintings in all stages of completion. (She earned bonus points for bringing me back to my own days as a painter with her chat, her enthusiasm, and her studio’s unmistakable aroma of paint and varnish.) For an artist, Nadaleena is somewhat unique in her embrace of marketing, publicity, and economic and business principles. She is guided by her heart and driven by her need to create, but she also understands the value of consistent messaging, of publicity, and – most winningly, of forging a strong personal connection to those who purchase her art. She attends every opening and handles most sales, and she keeps in touch with hand-written notes, personal emails, and VIP events for top collectors. In particular, her invitation-only shows, which are booked in exclusive venues, powerfully communicate the artist’s brand qualities of exclusivity and approachability. (I should point out that these qualities also define the Luxe brand, which is why Nadaleena’s smart enough to advertise there.)  It’s no accident that her most recent work is selling for $1M; it’s thoughtful, hard work – and a great reminder that no matter how wonderful your product or skills, it’s that personal connection that sells it (or upsells it) almost every time.



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