Make Sure You’re Strategic When Choosing a Promotional Marketing Item

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on January 8, 2013

Promotional Marketing Bag for Layer Cake CreativeA few months ago, we ran out of our branded promo item (the beloved stress balls).  Instead of ordering more of the same, we decided it was time for a change, a decision which opened up a dizzying array of options that we’d never considered.  Should we choose a delicious consumable – wine, candy, chocolate? – that would be a huge, but brief hit – or should we pick a more practical and potentially longer-lived item like a mug or a flash drive?  Do we go with a cheaper item we could give away freely or a pricier one that might have more impact, but that we’d have to more selectively bestow?  After reviewing somewhere around a zillion products, we used several factors including price point, shelf life (how long the item would last/would the recipient keep the item), and broadcast potential (how often people would use it; if they’d use it in public; how prominently our logo would be displayed; is it interesting enough to elicit comments/questions) to help us decide on. . .  drum roll please. . .  a heavy-duty canvas tote with our logo on one side and our “You want a piece of us?” slogan on the other.

The bags have been a huge success. They are durable, useful, and pretty darn sassy looking. Recipients are visibly excited, and other people are asking how they can get one (duh – become a client!).  All in all, this has been money well spent.  We’re just waiting to spy a Layer Cake bag totally out of context, or in another country. . . hey, a great promo can take your brand around the world, right?



Layer Cake Creative is a strategic marketing agency specializing in communications, designpublicity and strategic marketing that enrich your brand and support your strategic and sales goals.  This Denver marketing firm specializes in promoting professional services such as architecture, construction, engineering, law, finance, and real estate.

Kimberly MacArthur Graham, founder of Layer Cake Creative, is an expert in professional services marketing with 20+ years in the design and building industry.  She’s especially proficient in marketing communications including technical or creative writing and editing, articles submitted for publication, and brand messaging.


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