Information to Love and Share: What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on March 20, 2014
Item of Value

What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

What is an “Item of Value” and how does it improve marketing ROI?

This week I’ve been rather frantically trying to identify a blog topic, with no success. It seemed like the more I tried to nail it down, the more an interesting subject eluded me. When I arrived home yesterday, still topic-less, I noted with annoyance that a vendor had left an(other) advertisement  on my front door. We get several a week, and they rarely make it past the recycling bin and into the house. Today’s card began predictably enough, “DID YOU KNOW?”. . . and then, halfway down the card, I saw a word I’d never seen before: “oligodynamic.” That caught my eye and I realized I actually did NOT know. . .  that brass doorknobs are self-disinfecting! (Huh?) In what is known as the “oligodynamic effect,” germs, viruses, and other nasties are eliminated by a toxic reaction with the metal ions. Cool! Our old house has rosy brass doorknobs throughout. I took the card inside (!), tossed it on our kitchen table – and a couple of hours later, while sharing the card with my husband, I realized that I had a blog post.


You see, that humble postcard from FINN Real Estate is a great example of something as frustratingly elusive as my blog topic: an “item of value.” As used in marketing, this term is pretty straightforward. If your marketing communication includes a piece of valuable information, it will be more impactful in the short and long term. People will read, remember, and possibly even share it with others. An item of value can be many things, from a piece of trivia to a helpful hint, but it should always directly meet the needs and interests of your audience.


And I’m proof that it works. Not only did I keep the “doorknob” card to share it with my husband, but if I’m asked to recommend a Real Estate agent, I will likely share it again, along with the name of the agency that provided it.  And don’t forget: I’m sharing it with all of you!

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