Layer Cake Creative’s First Newsletter

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on December 17, 2011

In This Issue:

• Welcome Readers: Our First Newsletter!
• Social Media: Niche Industry Sites
• Rebranding: Our Toughest Client Yet
• Planning for a Great 2012

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! Let us know what you think.

We’ve affectionately dubbed it “Piece of Cake” as a tasty play on our name and a sly reference to how easy marketing and PR success can be when you Go Layer Cake.
Once a quarter, we’ll share information on timely topics and issues of interest, as well as client spotlights. We want to make Piece of Cake a valuable 5-minute read – and we’ll be looking for your feedback and suggestions for topics or improvements. E-mail us at


Social Media Marketing Update: Niche Industry Sites:

By now we’ve all become accustomed to social media in our daily lives.  FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn are a part of most people’s routines.  At Layer Cake, we’re often asked, “As a business, which social media sites (if any) should we be on?”  Since we’re limited in space, let’s just say. . .  It depends on your industry.  (Facebook is great for retail; not so much for services.)  Here’s a tip, though. One important trend that is redefining the online life of businesses is the explosion of niche industry social media sites.  Did you know there are networking websites specifically for industries such as accounting,  architecture, financial planners, small business owners, even funeral directors?  These sites are very targeted in their membership, so you can network directly with your peers & colleagues – a great complement to LinkedIn’s wide network of potential clients and leads.  Most niche sites are geared to help you grow business by sharing leads, trading industry knowledge & best practices, and simply connecting with others that do what you do.  Consider adding niche social media to your online arsenal. As always, if you need help staying current with the online trends, contact us and ask about our new Social Media Audit & Tune-Up Services!

Rebranding: Our Toughest Client Yet (Guess Who?)

In October, we took a big leap into a brand refresh – and found ourselves in our clients’ shoes! That’s right: after 2 years in business, and growing in staff and services, the Layer Cake brand needed to be nudged. From the initial brainstorming, it was an exhilarating experience. It was also eye-opening: we found it surprisingly difficult to let go of existing ideas, language, and icons. We gained a much deeper understanding of what it feels like to be on the client side of brand work, and the enormous trust that clients put in us (thank you!).  We also fine-tuned the process and strategies to make a Layer Cake-led rebrand even more collaborative, effective, efficient, and fun.  So if you’re thinking about a new brand for the new year, give us a shout. If we can satisfy this tough bunch,  imagine what we can do for you!So what’s new, brand-wise? A lot! We adopted a new name (and logo mark), Layer Cake Creative that reflects our expanded offerings (including a full suite of design services), we’ve totally redesigned our website and collateral, and we have a sassy new portfolio book. We also created an “ad with attitude,” which you’ll see in Luxe MagazineModern in DenverColorado Construction and Design, and Sources + Design. And, finally (for now), we’ve launched a fun new e-newsletter (you’re lookin’ at it!). Whew!

Planning for a Great 2012

If 2012 has snuck up and caught you without a marketing plan, you’re not alone! Let our starter tips inspire you to make it a great 2012! (Don’t forget to call us if you get stuck.)

Learn from the past. Revisit previous and current efforts and honestly answer: What worked? What flopped? What never got off the ground?

Look in the mirror. What do you do best? What was most profitable or showed the most potential? Any money-losers? Are there new areas of service or market sectors that you discovered or that you’d like to develop? Do you want to expand your client base, or increase revenues with existing clients?

Polish your image.  Evaluate your existing materials & website for accuracy, consistency, and functionality.

Get busy online.   It’s efficient and smart to use social media sites (especially LinkedIn and niche sites) to stay in touch with clients, partners, colleagues, and even staff. And since you’ll be pushing people to your website make sure it looks and feels contemporary. If it looks dusty, consider keeping it current with a user-friendly content management system like WordPress or Drupal.

Tell it two ways. Make sure that your publicity plan includes both earned and purchased media placements. While targeted article placements demonstrate your expertise, great ads tell potential clients your company’s full story, exactly as you want it to appear.

Feeling overwhelmed or uncertain? Maybe it’s time for a strategy session with co-workers and / or your marketing partner Layer Cake. Brainstorming  about these topics and others, such as your ideal clients and your differentiators, will go a long way in identifying which marketing efforts can have the greatest impact and the greatest ROI.


Layer Cake Creative is a strategic marketing agency specializing in communications, design, publicity and online marketing that enrich your brand and support your strategic and sales goals.  This Denver marketing firm specializes in promoting professional services such as architecture, construction, engineering, law, finance, and real estate.

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