The ‘Wonderments’ of Great Storytelling at Sketch

Written by Kimberly MacArthur Graham on February 7, 2012

sketch wine barWell, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day – and who doesn’t love good food?  Recently, the wait at our “regular” restaurant was too long, so we ventured out – and were amply rewarded with a great meal and – dearer to our PR hearts – a great story.

We were wined, dined, and entertained at Sketch, the adorable wine bar tucked next to El Diablo in Denver’s Baker neighborhood.  A few months ago, Sketch introduced a “full” menu that is in fact a very small menu of salads and house-made pasta.  On this particular night, two aspects drew us to Sketch: a warm, intimate dining area and a menu that did not distract with 1,000 options.  The food was delicious, sublime even – but it was the experience that will keep us coming back and sending others.

The entire kitchen seems to consist of a two-burner stove that looks like a campsite refugee.  At first we thought it odd, but the meals coaxed from those burners. . .  Eating such rich food in such close quarters gave us a quite-wonderful feeling of being honored guests at a dinner party.

After dinner, though very satisfied, we (of course) asked about dessert.  We were told about cheesecake (meh), chocolate (meh), and (I quote): “ liquid wonderments.”  Well, who wouldn’t be intrigued?  We were regaled with a wonderful story about D’Oliveiras Madeira: its long journey (40 years!!) in old oak casks, its history as a drink that traveled the seas (pirates!!), and its origin as wine left too long in tropical conditions (nearly thrown out!!). . . so, yeah, of course we ordered a glass, though it cost as much as one of our meals.

You would have, too.  And you would have loved every single sip just like we did, your head as full of “wonderment” as your palate. (It was fantastic.)

One of our mantras is, “You’re not selling a product or a service; you’re selling an experience.”  Someone at Sketch gets that and they’re plating a story that is carefully crafted, an event that is consciously shaped. Yes, it’s good marketing and good business and it got us to spend quite a bit more than we might have. . .  Whatever. We were sucked in willingly, happily, and we can’t wait to go back.


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